raum on demand, Alte Munze, Berlin - May 2022
Bauchladen/Cigarette Tray sales - ongoing
Golden Stripes edition sales via edition sutstein - ongoing 

Edition of 400, porcelain and transparent glaze
Edition of 50, porcelain, transparent glaze, gold luster and gold leaf
Edition of 20, porcelain, transparent glaze, gold luster

Tickets was created as a project in conjunction with the residency and project space, raum on demand, which appeared to the artist's North American eyes as being quite clearly a ticket booth.

The conception of this project was a welcome moment of multi-level play, and this now open-ended and ongoing project is still playful while concurrently examining themes of worth and security.

A ticket is a promise, a token or a small portion of surety.
This small item held in my hand says I can eat this meal, ride this ride, enter this building, etc.
But what is a ticket with no expressly delineated item of exchange? Is the unknown promise still worth the token?
What is one buying? Nostalgia? The potential future success of the artist? A memento of an amusing moment?

Tickets, when purchased, come with a signed and numbered receipt as well as instructions on how the purchaser can register to be notified, sometime within the next twenty years, of what their ticket can be redeemed for. 

Special thanks to Franziska Harnisch.