The five wearable houses that comprise Procession occasionally become static textile sculptures within the context of exhibitions. After each performative activation of Procession, small repairs, adjustments, and additions to the golden appliques are made on each house. This means that each showing reveals almost imperceptible incremental changes in the textiles, changes that will continue over time and with (unknown) future displays. 

The title of the houses when they are in object-only form differentiates them from their performative identities, similar to how a robe or a vestment is rather something else when not in connection to a human body, specifically when antique examples of these garments are displayed in museums. This title, just as the overall trajectory of Procession, meanders over time. Originally displayed with the titled Vestments (Shifts), it was later decided that Shifts (Procession) - in conjunction with the solo exhibition of the same name - was more aligned to this ongoing, slowly-evolving and open-ended work.