Shelter for Channel 4 is an opportunity to give discarded umbrellas a second chance; to tell a story. Like Channel 4, which is viewed by people from every level of society, umbrellas are used by all, pointing to the ties that bind us together as a community of people instead of a nation of isolated individuals. It also speaks of the pleasure that can be found in everyday items and their potential to be more than they might first appear.

From all angles, there is a profusion of colour and rounded shapes softening the geometric forms giving the sculpture its shape. Suspended umbrellas seem to float in the shape of the 4, giving the sensation of being suspended from reality. In the evening, lighting allows the colour and shape to have an altered but equally vibrant presence.

Channel 4 HQ, London, UK


Materials: Lost and found umbrellas and lighting attached to a steel frame
Dimensions: approx 52.5 x 39'