A further exploration of the idea of a rain cloud, focusing on the importance of community. Individually, the umbrellas are beautiful, but together they create a much more impactful and visually interesting work. The idea of the importance of community was further perpetuated by the fact that a significant portion of the umbrellas that make up 'Rain Cloud (Grand Rapids)' came from Grand Rapids locals, who donated umbrellas in varying states of disrepair. Using donated and broken umbrellas gives these items that would otherwise be destined for the trash a chance to tell another story and be appreciated for their aesthetic appeal. To add a sense of playfulness to the work, there were spaces left open where viewers could look into the sculpture, becoming more physically involved. For the more adventurous, some openings were located at the base of the sculpture, requiring the viewer to lie on the ground in order to look through them.

Artprize, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


Materials: Umbrellas and Timber
Dimensions: Variable