This longer chapter of "Procession" was created as part of the Open Out Festival in Tromsø, Norway Sept 5-12th 2020. 

These strange sculptures that balance between sensitivity and humor and blur the definitions of clearly defined media categories seem to resonate rather loudly in the Arctic, a place that is both so remote to most and yet so directly tied to the health of the climate, making it a place that pushes beyond its own geography. This interest in the impact of the health of a region was, in Tromsø, a wider context for physical explorations of spaces in flux, as the wearers/performers wandered around urban sites that are the source of local debate, spaces with a blurry future, temporarily inhabited by houses with no means of protection. 

Special thanks to the house-wearers: Anna Ziya Geerling, Naoyuki Yamato, Marie Jenssen, and the rest of the performers.