An ongoing project, this body of work is centered around sculptures that are designed as wearable houses that can be manipulated by the artist or performers, but also displayed as objects within a gallery setting. The elements of flowing fabric, covered in gold appliques, and their glowing light allow the pieces to be a dramatic foil against any environment in which they are placed, whether it is rural or urban, day or night. This series will continue in the form of performances, site-specific installations, and photographs, as the works travel and encounter new people and places.

At the core of this work is the assertion that every person and every place matters. It is my hope that by presenting these houses within a processional context, they reveal commonalities within different communities from various regions around the world, connecting and celebrating our disparate/distant lands as well as the shared elements in expressing ourselves through ceremony and symbols. Because these wearable sculptures are so easy to transport, fitting inside a suitcase, this work will become site specific in every context where it is worn, making it endlessly malleable and providing great opportunity for collaboration and engagement.

The names of locations will continue to grow as this work moves through its global perambulation. Locations will be noted by their coordinates, not their names, as a way to create an equality of place-based worth, and break down old associations in order to build new connections. To honor and celebrate the growing communityof house-wearers, I will also be keeping a narrative log book that will document the work as it travels.

This project was realized with the generous financial help of Panos and Debi Kalaritis and anonymous donors. 

Special thanks to the house-wearers: Milja Sarkola, Dominique Klein, Richelle Gribble, Chloe Louise Brisson, Sherre Wilson-Liljegren, Patricia Cowern, Johanna Asgeirsdottir, Robin Dann, Espen Tversland and Todd Thyberg.