Commissioned for International Arts Movement's INHABIT Conference, this installation was inspired by adobe villages and how built environments grow and change in accord with the communities inhabiting them.

“Pillar” resembles a rough-hewn geometric pillar or scroll stretching towards the ceiling from the stage and spilling down into the main space of the auditorium. 
Made by sewing recycled cardboard boxes with twine, it grows up and reaches down simultaneously. It is a puzzle that is pieced together by the physical act of sewing and the unexpected forms created by the combination of individual boxes. The unremarkable imperfection of each stich and the temporal nature of cardboard combines to edifice a monument of value and strength.

*for images of the individual units used to form the installation, see Wall Villages

INHABIT, International Arts Movement, W83 Ministry Center, New York, NY


materials: cardboard and twine
dimensions: variable