Three-channel video installation, dimensions vary

Installation views from "Shifts (Procession" curated by Roshanak Amini, Sofija Vučeta Posavec and Uroš Pajović
Cultural Center of Belgrage, Belgrade, Serbia. April 2022at the Cultural Center of Belgrade, Serbia. April 2022. 

The three-channel video installation, Graces, was realized using footage from the 2020 project, Procession (Tales). Three slow-motion videos of one of the wearable houses from the ongoing Procession series show barely-perceptible motion of a slowly twisting house seeming to float on a black pool of rippling water. The motion of these short videos is looped. Due to the looping and the slow pace of the films, viewers are uncertain if they are encountering still, or moving, projections. 

The artist and curators of the project would like to thank Katarina Kostandinović and the rest of the team at the Cultural Center of Belgrade.